Writer’s block is real.There are many topics constantly swirling around in my mind but this week (which is taking foreeeevvveeer by the way) left me feeling blah and uninspired. Finally I forced myself to write after feeling semi-okay about a particular topic. After suffering through 1-2 hours working on this week’s blog post  and finally coming up with a title, I was hit with this awful feeling I think I’ve written about this before… Lo and behold when I checked my archives I  saw that I had indeed penned a blog post called “Daddy Can Do It” all about my kids’ inability to ask their dad to do things like get them snacks, wipe their butts, etc. etc. What stung even more is the post I wrote in 2017 was wittier and more clever than the hot garbage I forced out this week. Feeling defeated, I deleted the trash post. Then I realized that sometimes the cure for writer’s block is to do more writing.

This is probably a throwaway post. It’s total stream of consciousness and full of mundane topics that show you just how riveting my day-to-day life is. So like a category on my beloved Jeopardy, I’m bringing you a  potpourri blog post full of a mish-mash of incomplete thoughts.

  • I finished a book! Hooray! I basically devoured Little Fires Everywhere and didn’t want it to end. I won’t spoil the ending, but it felt a little abrupt for my liking. I really needed to know whether everyone was going to be okay at the end of the day. It felt good to spend my downtime reading and I realized just how much I’ve missed it. Even though I finished the book a few days ago, I haven’t even figured out what to read next. Part of is it that I do need a little breather once I’ve completed a good book. I’m so attached to the characters and invested in the plot that it wouldn’t be fair to the next book if I didn’t cleanse my palate so to speak. I’m finally ready to move on so please feel free to send recommendations my way.
  • Finally watched Bird Box and can now legitimately laugh at all the memes floating around the internet. While it wasn’t the greatest movie and probably would’ve been better served as a mini-series, it managed to invoke so many feelings in me. Mostly anxiety, stress, and a desire to dig a bunker in our backyard fortified with enough supplies to get us through the end of the world as well as an aviary just in case. I won’t spoil anything in case you haven’t seen it but if you do watch my advice is to “hold onto ya butts”. Maybe it’s because I’m a mom and super sensitive to anything and everything involving kids but dear God it was intense. I’ve also come to the conclusion that if any apocalyptic event occurs in my lifetime similar to Bird Box or The Walking Dead that I am totally going to be a liability. I may not even try to survive. I would just sacrifice myself for the greater good of the group, go out a hero, and be done with it. I couldn’t handle the constant stress and wondering when/how I was going to use the bathroom with so much imminent danger.
  • I gave the kids a bath at 3:30pm yesterday, which sounds absolutely insane but it was sort of…nice. They had their post-school snack and screen-time and we were readying ourselves to transition to the next activity when I suggested a bath. A bubble bath no less. At first they didn’t believe me. We are so regimented with the nighttime routine that a bath in the middle of the afternoon sounded like it had to be a joke. After convincing them I was serious they excitedly ran upstairs.They basically hit the lottery. I let them get whatever toys they wanted and let them play in there as long as they wanted. Usually a typical bath lasts about 7-8 minutes, I’m irritable due to our bathroom being turned into a Shamu show at Sea World, and they complain because they don’t get enough time to play. Well, momma doesn’t get enough time to relax so we gotta expedite this bedtime routine. But the afternoon bath was great. They splashed happily and I didn’t really mind the water all that much. I played a little with them and put away some laundry upstairs. After 20 minutes, they got out on their own and we slipped into PJs. We stayed upstairs playing in their rooms until it was time for me to start making dinner. I don’t know if it’s some I can or want to do every day, but the rest of the evening went so smoothly that it definitely got me thinking about how a change in the routine can be nice for everyone.
  • Today I was a big fat liar. Earlier in the week AJR’s pre-k class took an “airplane ride” to Canada. Part of their experience was getting to sample real Canadian maple syrup and he was JACKED UP about it when he got into the car. Like literally jacked up. The sugar must have been kicking in because he was practically twitching. He said he asked his teacher for more but she wisely told him no.  This morning I gave him a waffle with syrup and you would have thought I handed him a turd on a plate. “I DON’T WANT THE SYRUP!” He wailed. Oh the injustice of it all! Somehow my body was overtaken by a much higher being because I am not quick on my feet with the kids and the lie tumbled out easily, “Oh, but this is REAL Maple Syrup from Canada. I got it at the grocery store.” And do you know what this kid did? Bought it hook line and sinker and ate that shit up. All of this was pre-coffee mind you so – high five!

  • I’ve been doing some research on beauty/skin tools and treatments. While it’s not an official New Years resolution, I do want to be more diligent about taking care of my skin since I’m not getting any younger. I have no real routine and am pretty sporadic about washing my face at night (you’re cringing right? Me too but ugh sometimes a mom just needs to go straight to bed). I do want to change that and I’m on a quest of sorts to find products that will help me take better care of my made-for-radio face. The number of beauty products is staggering. What’s the difference between a serum and a cream? Can I use a serum, an anti-wrinkle cream, and a face lotion all at the same time? Do they cancel each other out? I’m woefully over my head here and therefore open to suggestions if anyone has something fantastic they swear by. In the meantime, here are two things I’m considering right now:
    1.  A facial roller. I’m debating between this one or this one. Has anyone ever used these? Am I just buying snake oil?
    1. The Hanacure Facial Masks. These aren’t cheap but the reviews are amazing. I am easily seduced by a product with excellent ratings, so much so that I don’t necessarily read the actual reviews. Beware when you click on the link. The pictures of people using the mask are absolutely horrifying. But the means must justify the end because people love this product, right?
  • Last night Joe and I watched the first episode of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. The show features Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant, who comes to these hot mess homes that are on the cusp of making the leap over to A&E’s Hoarders. She helps them cut out the clutter and organize, and as a side effect, improves their overall quality of life. The show was very intriguing revolving around the concept of only holding onto things that “spark joy”. The couple we watched was relatable – married a few years, two young kids, house bursting at the seams with stuff, disaster of a play room. The show really does create this urge within you to purge your home and buy all of the boxes and bins to store the things that survived the purge. I’m even considering re-folding all of the clothes in our dressers this weekend because the way Marie does it just makes sense. Related, but sort of not, this couple completely overused the term of endearment that is “babe”. Joe and I personally do not refer to each other as babe, but I understand it’s quite popular and I have no issue with it when couples use it in moderation. What I do take issue with is the overuse of it in a passive aggressive way. This couple kept saying “Babe” during their arguments but I think the word they were really searching for was “asshole”. Thank God for Marie Kondo because all of the “babe this” and “babe that” was starting to turn the show into the awkward dinner party episode of The Office where Michael and Jan are going at it. And thank God we didn’t turn their usage of “babe” into a drinking game because we would not be functioning adults today.

2 thoughts on “Potpourri

  1. I have to say that I appreciate the stream of consciousness banality of life…makes for an engaging read. After all, isn’t that what all of life is anyway? I think most of us don’t do anything terribly exciting…to other people. For me that’s the pleasure of it…normal occurrences wrapped in someone who can tell a story.

    I (sort of) just finished “Couldn’t Keep It to Myself,” Wally Lamb. It’s a collection of works written by incarcerated women. I read this one a while ago, but it’s quite good: “Without You, There is No Us: My Time with the Sons of North Korea’s Elite,” Suki Kim. A memoir unlike any other, and she is nuts. I’d NEVER go to North Korea.


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