Nap No More?

You may have noticed but I am obsessed with my children’s sleep. I’ve only been blogging for two years but I venture to say that roughly 30% of my posts are sleep related. I can’t help it. Sleep affects EVERYTHING. My mood, the kids’ mood, the cleanliness of our house, the amount of online shopping I’m able to do while they’re sleeping.

My latest sleep post stems from the fact that we are on Day 4 of Olivia not napping. That’s four consecutive days of her doing everything but sleeping in her bed. Four consecutive days of me gripping the baby monitor in desperate hope wondering if she will ever stop her pitchy rendition of “Wheels on the Bus” and go the F to sleep.

30 minutes into the nap that never was.

She’s tired. Of that I’m sure. As soon as I pop a pacifier in that mouth her eyes roll back in her head as sweet sweet sleep beckons. Her ban on nap is purely out of spite. You can’t convince me otherwise. She detects that hopeful gleam in my eye, the chipper way I tell her I love her as I gleefully shut the door and head  downstairs for a brief respite from her raging terrible twoness. She senses how desperately I want this and for that reason and that reason only, she has decided that naps are for the weak. And she is certainly anything but weak.

This nap strike terrifies me. There have been other times when I’ve wondered whether this is the beginning of the end of the nap but nothing has felt so real as this napless stretch. Olivia is resolved to give it up. But to make matters worse she is totally mind f***ing me. She ASKS to go to nap as if she gets some sadistic little pleasure in bringing my hopes up only to make them go crashing down with each thundering lap she runs around her bedroom. At least with AJR you knew his stance on naps. He would scream and writhe at the mere mention of a nap so every day around 12:30pm we were ready to wage battle. Olivia is cunning and wages emotional warfare that leaves you hugging your knees to your chest as you rock back and forth wondering what cruel trick she has waiting for you next.

I am not ready to be the parent of two children that do not nap. Yes, the silver lining is two overly exhausted kids with the ability to pass out at 7pm on the dot. But the tradeoff is you’re playing Russian roulette anytime you bring the napless gremlins in public between the hours of 3:30pm and bedtime. Olivia is pretty temperamental to begin with but she can get downright nasty when she’s running on fumes and not getting her way.

Also, the timing of this could not be worse. Summer is here and there is only one week left of school for the kids. That means for the next two and a half months there is no break. It’s me and the kiddos for 12-13 hours straight every day for the next 75 days. I NEED that nap. The days are long and Olivia’s usual 1-2 hour nap provided myself (and AJR really) with a chance to relax and catch our breath from the terrible two tornado that ransacks the house and our souls.

So light a candle, say a prayer, cross your fingers, and hope for the naps to return.


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