Snowed In. Again.

Yesterday was the first day of spring and what better way to commemorate the occasion with an announcement of yet another major snowstorm moving through the area. I spent the morning grocery shopping with everyone else in the state of New Jersey as we pick up the essential french toast fixings – milk, toast, and eggs – and at night, watching the school cancellation text roll in confirming the inevitable: we have another snow day.

Snow day. In the beginning of the winter months these days are filled with such promise and hope. Pancakes for breakfast. PJs until lunch. Afternoons frolicking in the snow. But when you’re on the fifth or sixth snow day of the year, it’s late March, and it always seems to happen on the one day where both of your kids happen to be in preschool at the same time, you start to view it as a prison sentence rather than a joyous occasion to be celebrated.

Yesterday while at Target I picked up a few Easter paint crafts from the One Spot. The realist in me knew that these “funtivities” would only take up roughly five minutes in a long, 12-hour day. Lynn from the first snow day may have been more optimistic. Lynn from the first snow day may have turned to Pinterest to curate activities that are both educational and fun. This morning, I asked AJR what he wanted to do today and he answered “Watch TV shows all day?” and I thought that sounded like a great plan.

Two weeks again when we had another mega snow storm I thought it would be fun to make pancakes with the kids. AJR didn’t want to participate. Fine. Be that way. Olivia joined in and was throwing flour around like LeBron James does chalk before each game as I laughed and took pictures. Then I got a little wild and dumped sprinkles and chocolate chips into the batter in an attempt to be a fun mom. Once the pancakes were plated and served, the kids got upset. Like legit upset that I dared to serve them candy pancakes oozing with gooey goodness and zero nutrition. I was a monster. Olivia finally came around and ate hers. AJR took a few bites under extreme duress. I’ve honestly seen the kid eat green beans faster than he ate those three pancake nibbles.

Today for breakfast they’re eating granola bars and Danimals smoothies while they watch Cars 3 for the fortieth time and I sneak my coffee in the kitchen yelling things half-heartedly like “DON’T JUMP ON YOUR BROTHER!” Or the “If you can’t keep your hands to yourself I’ll turn the movie off” Which we all know is a damn lie. As long as there is coffee in my cup that movie is going to play.

From our last snow storm.

Then there is the dreamy facade of playing out in the snow. Here is a little equation I worked out:

(Time it takes to get two kids in boots, snowsuits, hats, gloves) X 2 + The 5 minutes you have to yourself to get ready while they scream “I WANT TO PLAY IN THE SNOOOOOWWWW” = 3 minutes of actual outdoor time

It’s cold. It’s wet. They can’t move their arms. Also, AJR has a new habit of throwing snowballs and I can’t tell if he’s intentionally firing them directly into my face or just has an inability to aim properly. It’s cute and fun for a few minutes and then I’m left building a snowman solo while they whine to go inside.

Snow ball to the face. I do think it’s probably intentional at this point.

All of this aside, I just want to make mention of the fact that it’s March 21st and it’s SNOWING. Give or take a day here or there, we’ve been cooped inside since the end of November.  We are officially on cabin fever status and cannot handle this much longer. We need to get out. Stay out. Play in the dirt. Run around crazy. Ride our bikes. Take trips to the park. We have paid our dues. Enough already. I’m not asking for much, Mother Nature. Give me a 45-50 degree day, some partly cloudy skies and most importantly, NO SNOW.



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