Giving Thanks to the Shallow Things

Last year I was all about giving thanks to the people in my life. It was mushy and made me feel all warm and tingly inside like a glass of cab after I put the kids to bed. I am still beyond thankful for all of those things and would venture to say that my list of things to be grateful for this year have increased tenfold.

However, there are a lot of things in my life that have me saying “Thank God!” on a daily basis. They are admittedly superficial things yet they contribute to my overall happiness and contentment. So, shallow things, I am giving you a shoutout to you this Thanksgiving.

  • That the Chip & Joanna Gaines Target collection was not all that. Were there pieces that I could convince myself to take home? Yeaaaahh…but I wouldn’t feel super solid about it. My wallet is safe. For now.
  • Belonging to a gym that offers babysitting. I may feel like I’m on the verge of death for 60 minutes, but I would be alone without someone asking me to get them a snack.
  • Advances in technology that allow me to insert GIFs into text messages. 75% of my communication is now through GIFs

  • That I am currently a faster runner than both of my children
  • MEMEs that just get me and make life much more memeingful.
  • Affordable and delicious cabernets and red wine blends that make me feel classy and thrifty
  • These seasonal cookies from Trader Joe’s. Put them in the fridge. They are everything, which is why there are currently three boxes in my possession

  • Wegman’s. Who knew that a grocery store could be so life changing?
  • That time Anthony ate a PB&J on his own accord and gave me a false sense of hope that I could start making them for lunch every day
  • The fact that Olivia tries to climb anything and everything – except for her crib (let’s hope this post didn’t jinx that).
  • The random strangers in public that look at me struggling with my children and take the time to say something kind or share a memory of when their kids were that little. It’s not an offer to babysit, but it’s better than dirty looks which do happen from time to time.
  • Bravo TV’s steady lineup of the Housewives franchise. I am never without a group of adult women from various cities that enjoy going to swanky events and yelling at each other like no one is looking
  • HGTV’s House Hunters. He wants a fixer upper with projects, she wants move-in ready – why can’t they ever agree? The drama! The conflict! The eventual compromise. It’s so amazingly predictable that I find it to be a source of great comfort.
  • Amazon Prime. Thank you Prime, for thy bounty, which I am about to receive in two days. I maintain that if you can’t find it on Amazon, is it really something you need in your life?

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