That’ll Do, Summer.

With Labor Day comes the official end of summer and I could not care less. Summer, your work here is done. Thanks for all the leisurely mornings of PJ lounging and breakfast morphing into a 45-minute affair. I appreciate you providing (usually) perfect temperatures to sit outside and sip delicious summer beverages like rosé and  a cold Summer Shandy. You’ve provided many a sunny day while we’ve hung at the pool watching my kids splash around and smell deliciously of sunscreen and chlorine. While there are many things I’ll miss about summer, I can’t say that I’m terribly broken up about it ending. We had a good run, summer. We truly did. But I ain’t mad that you’re ending. In fact, I am downright excited. Of course I am sad for friends that are turning over their babies to kindergarten and those that have to return to work. But fall is around the corner and I am delighting in its approach. And not because that means the kids are back in school. Well, let’s be honest. That definitely plays a huge role. Only five more days…

Oh but you really like summer you say? I won’t get into a battle over fall being the far superior season, instead, I’ll leave this little list right here…

Reasons Why I’m Done With Summer

  1. Unscheduled Life: This was great for the first few weeks. The summer was our oyster and the days were filled with endless possibilities. Then the reality and sheer exhaustion of carting around two active, toddler Usain Bolts set in. These summer days are long. I am tired of having to scramble to find things to do for the little dictators that shoot straight out of bed in the mornings asking what we are doing that day. There is no shortage of activities in our area, but there is a serious shortage of my patience, energy, and willpower to attempt even half of these things. This momma wants school to start so bad. I am craving structure and honestly, so are the kids. School helps to break up the week. Not to mention it wears AJR down, so sometimes he appreciates a quiet afternoon at home with toys he hasn’t seen for several hours. Five more days…did I mention that yet??
  2. Sunscreen Application: Dear God children why do you fight me on this? I am trying to protect you from the evil of UV rays and you are not making my job any easier. If I have to chase one more naked kid around my house with a tube of $15 sunscreen I am going to scream.  Once the pool closes up shop for the summer I am going to chuck the leftover sunscreen into the far reaches of our bathroom closet.
  3. The Heat: give me a sunny, 65 – 70 degree day and I am a happy camper. Since having kids I’ve been in a perma-sweat and sadly, I do not glisten, I reek. Bring on weather where I’m not pitting out of my clothes or needing grill tongs to remove underwear from my butt due to a severe case of swamp ass. Kids are also super whiny when it’s ridiculously hot out. More so than usual. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  4. Ice Cream: This may seem like an odd one coming from a woman who has a Costco-sized stash of Snickers Ice Cream bars in her freezer, but I am sick of the almost daily ice creams my children demand. Do I have to give them ice cream every time we’re at the pool? No. But do I really want to deal with the high-pitched wailing that would ensue if they were the only ones amongst their friends not receiving a treat from the concession stand? Hell no. I’m all about the occasional treat but this is bordering on ridiculous. I’m pretty sure my kids think the only reason we go to the pool is to purchase ice cream. It’s not an exaggeration to say that for two kids, I’ve probably spent anywhere from $100-$150 on ice cream this summer alone. If you need me, I’ll be researching toddler detox programs now.

    The concession stand isn’t even open yet and they’re deciding which one they want.

  5. The Light: It’s light when they go to bed. It’s light when they wake up. Give me some darkness. Darkness at night that can trigger their little minds into thinking it’s bedtime. A little darkness in the morning so that if they stir at an ungodly hour (because of course they will) they can see it and roll back over thinking it’s the middle of the night.
  6. The Wardrobe: Fall clothes are just better. Period. Boots, scarves, and cardis – oh my! I will not be sad to pack up my jorts for the summer. And neither will my husband as he cannot get behind this mom wardrobe staple.
  7. ALL THE THINGS: Summer is only two months. That may seem like a lot of time but that is only eight weekends to do everything that you’ve been dreaming about during the winter/spring. Those two months become so overly packed with birthday parties, BBQs, vacations, trips to the beach, swim lessons, park days, ice cream dates, and anything and everything else that might be on your bucket list that it sometimes feels like a never-ending marathon. And when you have young children, only one of whom is potty trained, these trips require so much planning and packing that towards the end of the summer you’re bound to run out of stamina. I’m so ready to say goodbye to frazzled Lynn and say hello to a a slightly less frazzled version of Lynn. Because let’s be honest, life with young kids will always be frazzled.

Summer is a little bit easier when my husband is there to wrangle the kids. But only slightly.


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