A Rosé By Any Other Name

The summer is kicking my butt. Between entertaining both kids 24/7 and trying to sell our house, I am so exhausted that most nights – gasp – I don’t even feel like having a glass of wine to wind down. By the time the kids are asleep, which seems to be later and later with the sun NEVER GOING THE F DOWN, it takes what little strength I have left to pour myself onto the couch so my husband and I can have an hour long conversation about what to show to fall asleep to now that we finally completed Orange is the New Black.

But the promise of a mom’s night in with my local mom friends has given me renewed purpose. I will not be tired. I will laugh, I will eat cheese, and I will have a glass of wine or two. With my wine fridge depleted, yesterday I took both kids to the wine store (because they are ALWAYS with me) to pick up a few favorites to share with my mom tribe.  There is nothing more nerve-wracking than taking two toddlers into a wine shop where everything looks enticing to their little fingers and everything can break. I deftly maneuvered us through the aisles by handing out Trader Joe’s gummy bears and threatening them in hushed, clenched teeth whispers as I Speed Racer’ed my way through the store.  We passed by a plastic, display wine bottle that was as tall as I was and my 3-year old, in awe, looked at it and asked “Mommy, could you drink that whole thing?” So much good mothering going on in that moment…

Rosé is a wonderful thing. It’s delicious and the perfect summer beverage. Not to mention a lot of the bottles have screw tops, which makes my life that much easier. Disclaimer: I am no expert. These will not  be reviews based on tannins, flavors detected in the wine, or any sort of fancy wine jargon that one might expect from a typical wine review. My criteria for choosing a bottle are as follows: price point, attractiveness of the label, and the color of the rosé itself. I prefer a pale pink color, which I think means it’s drier versus sweeter? Sigh. Clearly I learned nothing from my time in Napa.

I get no hints of anything.

Anyway,  since it’s almost August I thought I would share some of my favorites for summertime sipping. Admittedly, this post is totally weak, but I simply don’t have the energy to care. But maybe, just maybe, this weekend I’ll turn you on to some new , budget-friendly rosé options. And that alone will have given this post purpose.

Please note that these picks are my own. I didn’t receive any freebies in exchange for my reviews. However, if there are wine labels out there willing to send me free stuff I will gladly drink and write about it (hint hint)!

  • The “I’m Not a Regular Mom, I’m a Cool Mom” Rosé: Babe Rosé with Bubbles, $14.99 for four cans. I bought this on a whim because of the novelty of the can and the fact that it has bubbles. Champagne is my weakness as are beverages in interesting containers (see my collection of souvenir cups and mugs that I recently had to toss). The creators of this wine are hilarious and turns out they make a pretty good bubbly rosé. With this can of rosé you’re saying to the world, I’m classy, but I like to party. (until 10pm if you’re me.)

    I love my wine to come with  positive affirmations.

  • The “I Got A Sophisticated-Slightly-Above-My-Normal-Budget-Bottle to Bring to a Party” Rosé: Josh Rosè, $15.99 (but I got this on sale for $12.99, which meant I had to buy two to save the most monies) I would consider this my “nice bottle” since it falls a little out of my usual $9.99 – $12.99 price range. I love the Josh Cab Sav, so I literally squealed when I saw one of my friends bring their rosé to a Memorial Day party. I knew I needed to have it in my life and thankfully it does not disappoint.

  • The “Wow, This is a French Label So It Must Be Fancy” rosé: Les Dauphins Cotes Du Rhones Reserve Rosé, $11.99 Wow! This certainly sounds fancy, doesn’t it? Is that French on that label? Brace yourself, this gem of a rosé is one of the most budget-friendly options. And, wait for it, probably my favorite on this entire list. Sadly, I went to three wine stores trying to procure it and none of them had it. Here is a picture I found on the always helpful Google. May you have more success than I did in locating it. And if you do, send me a bottle won’t you?

    This label reminds me of the Moulin Rouge.

  • The “Oh La La This Looks/Tastes More Expensive Than It Is” rosé: Memoires Rosé de Provence $9.99 – $11.99 (depending on if it’s on sale). It’s a good thing I took French all through high school so I properly pronounce this label. Just kidding. Well, I did take French in high school but I can’t pronounce this for crap until I’ve had a glass or two of it. This is another fave of mine tied with Les Dauphins – oh hey look at me sophisticated, French palate! But sadly, this is another rosé that I couldn’t find anywhere, which sort of supports my recommendation I suppose.

  • The “Reliable and Cheap” Rosé: Cupcake Rosé, $8.99 Everybody and their mama’s vineyard is producing a rosé these days and I’m not even mad about it. Cupcake, Yellow Tail, and Barefoot wines have always been a budget-friendly, yet yummy, staple since I began my wine journey many years ago. Yes, you should lower your expectations a bit, but this is perfect for an “everyday rosé” that won’t break the bank and still satisfy the taste buds.

I also love the Cupcake labels. They’re romantic looking and make reference to one of my favorite food groups “cupcakes”.


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