School’s Out For Summer

Today marks my 3-year old's last day of preschool. It also marks the very first time he will be home ALL.THE.TIME. since my daughter was born approximately 20 months ago. To say I'm slightly terrified is an understatement. I might also add that this was 100% my choice. My son's school is also a daycare … Continue reading School’s Out For Summer


Reasons Why Having Kids is Like Being in a Horror Movie

Kids are great in so many fantastic ways. They're also the worst in a whole host of others. The other day I thought I had crept upstairs to use the bathroom in a rare moment of privacy when I heard the thundering of elephants coming down the hall. And by elephants I mean my two … Continue reading Reasons Why Having Kids is Like Being in a Horror Movie

Mom Bod

Motherhood wreaks absolute havoc on your mind and body. Not only do you feel overwhelming anxiety over seemingly inconsequential decisions (i.e.: which sippy cup to buy) and crippling mom guilt over EVERYTHING (I forgot to beep the horn for the kids when I left to go to the grocery store. I am a monster), your … Continue reading Mom Bod