Birthday Love.

Birthdays are no longer the fancy affairs of the past. Day-to-day life is still happening: kids need to be fed, butts need to be wiped, errands need to be run, and Mommy has to be called for a million times. Your birthday is the same old shit, just add cake.

Last weekend we had dinner with my husband’s old college buddy and his wife – people I’ve also known close to 10 years myself – so it’s safe to say that we’ve come a long way since 4am nights in NYC to 4am wakeup calls with our kids. Amidst the reminiscing about the nights of pre-kid past, we all agreed that while those nights we fun, all we really wanted was to have the life that we’re living today. A life filled with the love and warmth of a solid marriage, raising little wildlings where you spend your evenings away from them talking about all of the amazing and simultaneously infuriating things they do.

If there was ever any doubt that the above was true, I had all the proof I needed on the morning of my birthday when post-10 minute hot shower, I came downstairs and was hit in the face with all the feelings as I spied my husband cuddled on the couch with both kids watching an episode of Team Umizoomi. My husband rolled his eyes at me as I tearily whispered “This is all I need for my birthday…” like I was on my very own episode of This is Us. 

That’s why I’m totally fine with a non-birthday birthday.I’m not going to downplay how much fun the nights, and more specifically the birthdays of the past were, but they can’t hold a candle (see what I did there?) to the birthdays of today. So yesterday was a tribute to where I am in life as I spent the whole day celebrating the things I am so incredibly grateful for.

The Birthday Rundown

I took an early morning gym class with women 15 years older than me and in vastly better shape than I am (#goals) to do something for myself; I delighted in fun gifts from friends that just “get me”:


I grinned my way through an 8am birthday serenade complete with chocolate cake for breakfast


They literally gasped when the cake came out.

Enjoyed a rare mommy-daughter date at and a trampoline park where I almost peed myself with each bounce (thank you childbirth. Guess I should have tried those Kegel things) ; Ate lunch with these fast food royals because I refused to cook a single meal on my birthday because I am OVER IT


Basked in a glorious 30 minutes where the kids’ naps FINALLY overlapped and fell into a deep sleep and woke up drooling to the sound of Olivia screaming on the monitor; Had a much-needed phone call with an old friend who understands that screaming kids in the background come with the territory; played “Target” with AJR (we shop there a little too frequently apparently), indulged in afternoon snack cake complete with candles and another rousing round of “Happy Birthday”

Of course we sang again.

Of course we sang again.

Showcased my most embarrassing moves in a dance party with Olivia; ate a takeout dinner with my husband while he graciously ran upstairs roughly 3-4 times to tuck AJR back in, run him to the bathroom, get a drink of water, and talk about his farts because I was off duty as soon as soon as I shut his bedroom door; read sweet and funny birthday wishes from friends near and far that made me laugh and tear up; and ended the birthday by enjoying a night-in with good friends that included giggles, wine, the best spinach dip known to man, and conversation that somehow spilled over into the next day when it was no longer my birthday.

For the record, this is a magnum of champagne. And the largest birthday hat I've ever seen.

For the record, this is a magnum of champagne. And the largest birthday hat I’ve ever seen. Happy Birthday to ME!

Birthday, you had it all yesterday.  33 is off to a tremendous start.

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