A Dolla (Store) Makes Me Holla

Look at this trove, treasures untold

How many wonders can one Dollar Store Hold?

Lookin’ around here you’d think

Wow, it’s got everything!

It’s got toys and art supplies aplenty

Its got cheap candy and holiday decor galore

You want really cheap party supplies? 

It’s got many

You should care

Its got deals 

I want moooooooorreeeeeee

Yes, my deep love for our local Dollar Store has inspired me to remix one of the greatest Disney songs of all time from one of the best Disney movies of all time (Little Mermaid in case you’re one of the people that didn’t grab your hairbrush and continue singing). If you haven’t been to a Dollar Store recently stop reading this post immediately, get in your car, and hightail it over there with a $5 bill just to see how many wonderful treasures you can bring home with a simple Abe Lincoln. Ariel would want this for you.

I’m not forsaking my love for Target, because that place is pretty much Disney World for moms. As long their kids are at home and not ticking time bombs in the shopping cart. That being said, Target isn’t a place that I frequent on the regular because I ALWAYS end up doing some major damage to the credit card. And have you tried to justify to your husband all of the things that you actually got from Target? At the time, the eyelash curler, One Spot holiday banner, fruit snacks, 5T Lightning McQueen t-shirt, decorative mason jar, Cat & Jack toddler dress, and picture frame I picked up made perfect fiduciary sense. However, once I’ve awoken from my Target-induced blackout I’m slammed by a warm wave of shame as I scramble to see if I can retrieve my receipt and head sheepishly to the return counter, eyes cast downward at my Merona-clad feet.

Life story.

Life story.

The Dollar Store, however, leaves me with nothing but pride. I am braggadocios regarding my Dollar Store haul and my credit card statement is littered with multiple $5-$12 charges that attest to the greatest I achieved there. The question isn’t “what can you get at the Dollar Store?” It’s “what CAN’T you get at the Dollar Store”.

Unrelated: I used to watch this house. Religiously.

Unrelated: I used to watch this house. Religiously.

I’m not the only one obsessed with the Dollar Store either. Regardless of the time of day, my local Dollar Store parking lot looks more like a used car lot because clearly this is THE place to be in our town. And forget it if a bus from the senior center rolls up. I love a good bargain but momma ain’t got time to wait in the checkout line with 20-30 people that have ALL the time. Besides, I’ll probably be back in another 2-3 days anyway to get glue sticks or foil.

The Dollar store also gives me a tremendous ego boost. I feel so rich tossing item after item into my cart, like a boss, without checking the price. “Oh, AJR. You want that toy car that I know you’ll discard as soon as we get home because you own approximately a million Hot Wheels? You got it!” 

This is me. But with $1.00 bills. And my regular brown hair. And no lasers either.

This is me. But with $1.00 bills. And my regular brown hair. And no lasers either.

Provided you can compromise a slight dip in quality and longevity of the item you’re purchasing, then you’re a prime candidate to treat yo self at the Dollar Store. Buyer’s remorse is a thing of a the past when you’re shopping at the Dollar Store because EVERYTHING IS A FRICKING DOLLAR.

Things I use the Dollar Store for:

  1. Party-related purchases: plastic table cloths (there’s a reason why I promptly signed up to provide these for AJR’s school Valentine’s party), banners, balloons (seriously, the balloons alone are worth it), streamers, serve ware that you can literally just throw away after a party because IT’S A DOLLAR, wrapping paper, tissue paper, and decorative bags.
  2. Entertaining my kids cheaply with various crafts, knockoff brand toys from China, and coloring books.
  3. Candy. Candy. Candy. Christmas stocking stuffers? BAM!Random “lay off me I’m starving” cravings? The belly ache I incur from ingesting too much candy at a single sitting only costs me $1. And a night out at the movies? Oh yeah! The one time per year that I’m going to see a movie I make sure to hit up the Dollar Store with my big purse and stuff it with the same candy that would cost you three times as much at CVS.
  4. All things holiday. The Dollar Store starts putting out merchandise roughly two months before any given holiday. You may feel silly buying Easter stuff in January, but DO IT for the following reason…

The cautionary part of the Dollar Store: if you see something you like and it’s not an item they typically stock, BUY ALL OF IT. Do not hesitate. It’s a dollar. You can afford it. Even if you go the next day it will be gone because the more savvy Dollar Store shoppers took you for the fool you were and are at home rolling around in their seasonal purchases like Scrooge McDuck in his pool of gold coins.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie to the majesty that is the Dollar Store, you should probably go now lest you miss out even more than you already have. Your house needs to be filled with things you didn’t even know you needed and your soul needs the warm hug of doing it on the cheap cheap.




4 thoughts on “A Dolla (Store) Makes Me Holla

  1. I too have developed a mad love for the dollar store. We became really close during my maternity leave. #splurgedoneasterdecorandbasketsforallthekidsinthehood! Great post!


  2. I can completely agree with you when you say that you go to target to buy stuff you don’t really need “Me” to the T. I have my list in hand ready to walk in and walk out 1 hour later I have nothing I needed but I have some cute baby clothes 🙄. I love the dollar tree. I feel like so many people forget about it. And when you get to the register you don’t feel bad about spending 5 dollars. Great post


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