Dear October – I Just Have a Lot of Feelings

  • October 10th: Anthony’s birthday
  • October 12th: Olivia’s birthday
  • October 29th: Our wedding anniversary
  • October 31st: Halloween (AKA share pictures of your cute kids in an adorable costume day)
  • All month long: MLB playoffs/World Series (this one was for Joe. Happy early anniversary)

So, yeah, I guess you could say that October is a big month for our family. With all of these life events it’s no surprise that I am in possession of ALL THE FEELINGS! Seriously, I am in a glass case of emotion. And this October takes the cake (three times actually if you consider that celebratory desserts are consumed on those days) as we usher in the start of AJR’s foray into life as a threenager, Olivia turns A YEAR OLD, and Joe and I celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.

Olivia picking us a winner. I'm framing this anyway.

Olivia picking us a winner. I’m framing this anyway.

I may bitch and complain about those little f’ers, but man, do I love the crap out of them. Timehop has been cruelly twisting the knife into my bleeding heart with reminders that AJR is no longer a baby. He is a little man. We’ve been calling him that since birth, but now it’s beginning to ring true. His little round baby cheeks have evaporated, he’s tall and lanky (for an almost 3-year old), and chatting up an insolent storm.

Nailing farm chic at 1 year old

Nailing farm chic at 1 year old

Even 2 year olds need to work out.

Even 2 year olds need to work out.

2016 How Tall. His posing has only improved with age.

2016 How Tall. His posing has only improved with age.

Olivia has morphed from a sweet, still cherub content watching the world pass by to the Evel Knievel of babies with her death-defying stunts that remind me every day that the house is not nearly as baby-proofed as it probably should be. My last baby, my sweet girl. My shrieking howler monkey when she does not get her way.


Stay still? Please, mommy.


And 5 years since our wedding day?? Sigh. It feels like just yesterday I was driving myself and everyone around me crazy with the planning and details. All I’ve got to say is thank God Pinterest was just starting to get legs then otherwise I would have been a candidate for Bridezillas on WETV.


Last weekend we went to visit a local farm that we’ve been going to for the past few years because if you don’t go to a farm in the fall, you basically don’t love your kids. Growing up I am pretty sure I never went to or even saw a farm unless it passed by the window while we were driving. That’s not a slam to my parents because when we were young it just wasn’t a thing. No one I knew was doing it so it never occurred to me to annoyingly beg my mom to take me. My fruits and veggies were coming straight from the Jolly Green Giant and Dole and somehow I managed to not become a serial killer after being deprived of apple cider donuts for my entire childhood.


Now. It is THE thing. We, as parents, must take our kids to pick ALL THE FRUITS AND PUMPKINS! Apples, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, snozzberries. It’s like the farms are giving the fruit away for free with the way suburban families flock on the weekends creating a cluster of chaos as everyone tries to create natural photo ops of their kids disinterestedly sitting in a field wondering what is the big f’ing deal.

Figuring out how the heck she is going to pick up that pumpkin. Or eat it.

Figuring out how the heck she is going to pick up that pumpkin. Or eat it.

But despite that, I’ve forced Joe to go the last three years so we can enrich AJR’s life and now, Olivia’s.  Despite everyone else thinking the same thing, I do fool myself into believing that we’re establishing a tradition for our family. The farm we visited was a local one that we went to on AJR’s 1st birthday and again right before his 2nd birthday. They had the same props from the previous years and my photo loving heart made him begrudgingly pose again so we could see just how much he grew. Despite battling a hangover (oh quiet, mom’s Saturday night in you were not) a huge lump of emotion rose within my throat as I thought about how quickly and crazily our little family had grown since that first visit back in 2014. Just last year I was strolling through the field hand-in-hand with my little man and this year Joe and I had to divide and conquer who kept track of which kid as they naturally went off in two different directions. I take tons of pictures of my kids (duh, said anyone that follows me on Facebook/Instagram) but there’s something different about returning to a place that is relatively unchanged every year that makes you realize how much they’ve grown. Excuse me while I eat TWO donuts instead of dealing with my feelings.


On the right, me super preggers with Olivia. On the left, me with my legs spread awkwardly like I’m giving birth.

I’ve been dreading October coming because it means that somehow another year has passed and it feels both short and long at the same time and I don’t know if I was present enough to have soaked it all in. I’ve also been looking forward to it because it’s a chance to celebrate with family and friends and take stock of how lucky we are. To have survived, mostly.

So, a fair warning to all who follow because I have all the emotions. And because of this I will have all the posts. And photos. And cake-soaked reflections. There’s only one October and we are celebrating all month long!

Siblings much? They even share the same love of a good fall vest

Siblings much? They even share the same love of a good fall vest



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