Really? Another mom blog?

Even before I made the decision to stay at home  I had this idea in the back of my head to start a blog. I had fantasies of typing away cleverly while both children napped at the same time (peacefully) for a minimum of two hours. But then our gremlin – I mean, daughter – decided that sleep was for the weak. And Anthony, our energetic toddler, became determined to test me in every frustrating (and sometimes hilarious) way possible. Their brilliant tag-team approach (yay, sibling bonding!) rendered me defeated and beyond exhausted. Free time to blog? Please. Any free time was used to sleep. Or shower. Or shop for more yoga pants online. But now, I’ve found coffee. And I’m getting a little more sleep. So it’s time I revived that dream.

Toasting the birth of my blog. And yes - that's my toddler on the baby monitor refusing to go to sleep. Some things you can't stage.

Toasting the birth of my blog. And yes – that’s my toddler on the baby monitor refusing to go to sleep. Some things you can’t stage.

I have zero expectations of what this could be.  Like the title says, it’s just another mom blog in a sea of mom blogs fueling content on HuffPo and Scary Mommy at all hours of the day and night. For me, it’s about having a fun outlet as well as seven other rambling reasons I came up with for wanting to go down this crazy path in the first place:

  1. I think I’m funnier than I actually am. Ask my husband. I laugh at my own stories/punch lines 0.003 seconds after I deliver them. This gives me just enough courage to think that this is a good idea.
  2. I need a hobby besides wine. And Bravo.
  3. Fun fact: I was a creative writing & communications double major in college. Hooray for putting that Liberal Arts education to good use!
  4. I NEED something for myself. I never truly grasped what 24/7 meant until I stayed at home with my kids. Even when you are sleeping there is the sound of the baby monitor humming away that keeps you in a light sleep so you’re ready to spring into action lest you hear a dreaded “mommy!” or “wah”.
  5. Baby books? Ha! While I own one for each child I cannot summon the energy or desire to write in them any longer. While this blog probably won’t capture the typical Hallmark milestones (aw, baby’s first public meltdown) I figured it could serve as some sort of record for them to look back on one day and be embarrassed by. #lazymom
  6. To try and keep it real. Social media makes parenting look like sunshine and rainbows. There have been days when both my kids are absolute nightmares and I’ve scrolled through Facebook yelling “DOES EVERYONE ELSE HAVE GOOD KIDS BESIDES ME?” The answer is no, as rational post-glass of wine Lynn realized. Being a mommy is wonderful and hard but there’s so much pressure  “enjoy it because it goes by so quickly.” I want to offer an honest perspective on parenting that strips away the guilt and allows us to say “man, my kid was a real a-hole today” without being labeled a terrible mom. (disclaimer: I’m not poo-pooing cute pics of kids, especially since I am notorious for posting pics that show us enjoying a family outing at Dunkin Donut that completely covers up the fact that AJR spiked his donut and made a run for it while I was mid-sip of my necessary coffee)
  7. To keep my sanity. For reals. To love small children unconditionally is to slip slowly into a maddening glass case of emotion. I always say, “if you can’t laugh, you’ll cry” and this blog will (hopefully) allow me to see the humor in the situations that push me to the brink of a nervous breakdown.
  8. Bond with other moms and parents out there that maybe feel the way I do too. It takes a village…so here’s to expanding that village!


29 thoughts on “Really? Another mom blog?

  1. You are off to an amazing start. You have lots of us out here to help fuel your ideas! You can count on me to be one of your biggest fans! So get er done!


  2. I LOVE that you’re doing this, your stories are always entertaining! Here’s to your blog being amaze balls just like you!


  3. I am also a stay at home mommy! I completely relate to motherhood not always being what’s its cracked up to be. As a mother of 4 boys, now at four completely different stages, I have questioned my sanity at times. Keep blogging! Great to hear from you


  4. Totally Hit the nail on the head. Right now my son, who will be 2 in January, refuses to sleep in his crib. Awesome! So as he naps beside me in my bed I can steal an hour to get my blogging in. Beggars can’t be choosers!


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